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What drove you to set up Home For Homeless Dog?

I, April, grew up living with dogs around, and I feel that living with them is a matter of course. Therefore​ I hope to build a safe and peaceful shelter for them since I was a child.  Although I have been doing volunteer services and feeding stray dogs on the side of the mountain, the experience of "Granny Coffee" being poisoned to death made me resolutely implement the "Animal Shleter" plan as soon as possible, hoping to rescue dogs in need in time and reduce similar tragedies happened. If you want to know more, you can go to the homepage to watch the video.


How can we sign up for an activity?

You can go to the "Activities" page for the information. Please feel free to contact if you have any enquiry.

What activities will be held on the open day of Home For Homeless Dog?

We occasionally hold open days and welcome everyone to come and visit our furry friends. You can learn about their experiences and rescue stories, interact with them, and help socialize them which can increase their chances of being adopted. We also accept on-site adoption applications. If circumstances permit, we can also allow visitors to try harvesting crops in our fields.

To avoid overcrowding at the same time, open days require reservations. Please stay tuned to our social media platforms for more details.


If I want to become a volunteer, what conditions should I meet or what preparations should I make in advance?

Volunteer must be aged 16 or above. We need talents in different fields, but the most important thing is to have a group of people who love animals, and have a character that does not care about rewards, and not afraid of tough work and  being dirty. Before becoming a volunteer, you need to read the "Notice of Precautions" carefully, for example, you need to pay attention to safety precautions when entering the vicious dog area to prevent injury.
In addition, volunteers need to carry backpacks, water bottles, labour gloves, spare clothes, towels and slippers, etc. in case of emergencies.

If I want to become a volunteer, how should I sign up?

You can go to the "Activities" page above, and click "Volunteer" for the registration. After making an appointment, you need to wait for our staff or voluntary worker to confirm the information. In addition, volunteers must be over 16 years old, or be accompanied by parents/ guardians/ teachers/social workers. 

What does the daily work of volunteers include?

1. Regular Volunteer (Housekeeping of the shelter)
Service Scope:
🚩Cleaning the premises, dog cages, and dog supplies
🚩Moving supplies, weeding, general maintenance
🚩Interacting with dogs, learning basic commands
🚩Taking dogs for walks, bathing (requires dog specific qualification)

2. Foster Volunteer
Service Scope:
🚩Must have experience in dog care and crisis management
🚩Must have space to accommodate dogs
🚩Must have time and patience to care for and train dogs
🚩Must provide regular updates on the dog's situation

3. Operation (Rescue/Medical/Transportation) Volunteer
Service Scope:
🚩Must have experience in dog care and crisis management
🚩Rescuing stray and abandoned animals
🚩Assisting with spaying/neutering, vaccinations, treatments, and end-of-life care
🚩Transporting dogs between shelters, foster homes, and adoptive homes
🚩Handling dog food and supplies

4. Promotional Volunteer (Adoption Days, Sharing Events)
Service Scope:
🚩Administrative tasks, translation
🚩Computer skills, graphic design
🚩Marketing, event planning
🚩Securing sponsorships for venues, products, and services"


Where can we donate?

If you want to donate, you can go to the "Donate" page above and choose the form you want to donate. If you want to donate materials, please WhatsApp to 94033036 or email to to discuss the details.

What donation methods are available for the Home For Homeless Dog?

In terms of donations, you can choose to make a one-time donation or participate in our sponsorship program. We are also happy to accept material donations such as dog food, towels, cages, etc.

What will the donations received by the Home for Homeless Dog be used for?

The funds we receive are primarily used to support the rescue, medical care, daily expenses, and operational costs for our furry friends. In special circumstances, such as when a dog needs to undergo a major surgery, we will organize a separate one-time donation campaign. Every donation you make helps the stray, rescued, recovering, awaiting adoption, and elderly animals. Your contribution makes a difference in their lives.

Monthly Sponsorship Plan

How can I join the sponsorship plan?

You can subscribe in the monthly plan by visiting the "Donation" page above. Simply log in to the member page and add the donor's name to receive an electronic tax-deductible receipt monthly (otherwise, it will only include the email address). This is both environmentally friendly and helps save administrative costs. If needed, you can also cancel the plan at any time by logging in to the member page.

Can I sponsor a specific animal I want?

HFHD has been actively finding homes for furry friends. As the adoption rate is high (reaching 80%), the information about individual animals may not be updated in a timely manner due to limited manpower. To avoid situations where certain animals have an excess of resources while others lack resources, we evenly distribute the sponsorship funds among all the animals. Although we currently do not offer the option to sponsor a specific animal, we invite you to stay tuned to our social media platforms and livestreams to stay updated on the latest information about each furry friend and let's witness their growth together.

What is the payment platform for the monthly sponsorship plan?

The payment platform for the sponsorship program is supported by the US company, Stripe. Major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, and American Express are accepted. You can also choose to settle payments through PayPal.

How to cancel the monthly sponsorship plan?

You can cancel the sponsorship plan instantly by logging into the member page, which is convenient and time-saving. If you need our assistance, please provide the sponsor's email and the name of the sponsorship plan (or the donation amount), and it will take approximately 3-5 business days to process. If you decide to continue sponsoring in the future, you are always welcome to visit our website and show your support again!


What are the steps to adopt a dog at Home for Homeless Dogs?

  1. Please go to the "Adoption" page or our social platforms to view all available dogs and choose your favorite dog. You may also visit our social media platform for the most updated list.

  2. Click the link to fill out the adoption form and upload your personal home video.

  3. If the information and basic conditions are matched, the person in charge will invite you to meet the dog in person at our shelter, or take the dog to visit your home. 

  4. After the adoption is confirmed, the person in charge will personally conduct a home visit to ensure that the dog will be properly cared.

  5. The person in charge will provide you with a list of supplies needed by the dog, such as daily necessities, toys that the dog likes to play with, etc.

  6. When all the materials are ready, the person in charge will send the dog to your home, and you also need to sign the adoption agreement. 

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