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Walk with love 
Guard the Stray Kids

 與愛同行 守護浪浪

Your donation contributes towards the following:
(Note: Price is for reference only)

Donation Account


Home For Homeless Dog Company Limited 








FPS Tel no. 


Hang Seng Bank



Nanyang Commercial Bank 






IR: 91/16910】

Home For Homeless Dog Company Limited is an approved Hong Kong charitable organisation (IR 91/16910). All donations of HK$100 or above deposited into "Home For Homeless Dog Company Limited" accounts are eligible for tax deduction.  If you need a receipt for tax deduction, please email to or  WhatsApp 94033036 together with your name, phone number, address/ email address and a screenshot of the transaction/deposit slip.  We will process and issue the receipt  within one month. Thank you!

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