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Donation Box Placement Program

Embracing & Safe Guarding Homeless Dogs 
Across the City Together

Let's Join Hands to Protect the Lives of Our Furry Friends!
Home For Homeless Dog has set up convenient donation boxes across Hong Kong, allowing you to contribute your care and support for rescued dogs anytime, anywhere.
Every cent of your kind donation will be transformed into food, medical care, and safe shelter, bringing warmth and hope to these helpless furry companions.
Let us all participate in this selfless animal welfare endeavor, and together, create a brighter future for the stray dogs!

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Citywide Donation

Donation boxes are placed in pet stores, clinics, and various community locations, allowing everyone to enthusiastically donate at any time and anywhere. The donations will become the source of food, shelter, and medical care for the homeless dogs, providing them with the basic necessities on their journey to finding a loving home.

Citywide Participation

Welcome all individuals and businesses to join our donation box placement program! Please email or WhatsApp 94033036 to contact us, and we will arrange to set up donation boxes at your premises, allowing customers and the public to easily contribute their love and care for the homeless dogs.

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