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​About Us

​Home for Homeless Dog was established in 2019 and is located in a remote village zone in Tai Po. The founder, April, loves dogs since she was a child. In order to build a dog shelter, she resolutely resigned her job and sold her property. She wholeheartedly takes care of the stray dogs and selects suitable adopters carefully. April hopes that the poor stray dogs and abandoned dogs can only live happily and healthily without worries. 

​Our Mission

We hope to promote animal welfare in Hong Kong at a non-profit basis that:

  1. Do the best in neutering of stray cats and dogs in the community to reduce nuisance to the community;

  2. Rescue newborn and injured animals on the street and assist with various abandonment cases;

  3. Provide treatment and care for injured small animals until they find a home after recovery;

  4. Promote animal adoption, cultivate Hong Kong people's love, sense of responsibility, and reduce the habit of buying and selling animals; and

  5. ​Cooperate with other organizations with the same missions and visions to save more stray cats and dogs.

​ Featured Stories

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