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義工招募 Volunteer Recruitment


  • 5 小時
  • Hong Kong


接受個人報名;必須年滿16歲,或有家長、監護人、社工、老師陪同; For individual registration; must be aged 16 or above; or accompanied by parent/ guardian/ teacher/ social worker; 招募類別: 1. 恆常義工Regular Volunteer (Housekeeping of the shelter) 2. 暫托義工Foster Volunteer 3. 行動義工(救援/ 醫療/ 運輸)Operation (Rescue/ Medical/ Transportation) Volunteer 4. 活動義工(領養日、義賣日、分享會)Promotional Volunteer 請支持浪浪之家,與我們一起守護毛孩!🙏🥰 Please support the homeless dogs with us! 若希望加入義工行列,麻煩先登記及填寫👇 Volunteer registration👇 *由於人手關係工作繁忙,首次申請義工人士,我們將儘快處理並回覆,謝謝! *Due to a high workload and limited staff, for first-time volunteer applicants, we will process and respond as soon as possible.. Thank you for your understanding!


  • Tai Po, Hong Kong


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