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生命教育系列之《抱抱浪浪體驗日》Hug-a-Dog Experience Day


  • 3 小時
  • 1,000 港元
  • Hong Kong


《抱抱浪浪體驗日》是一個團體義工體驗計劃,專為沒有動物義工經驗的新手而設。參與者將親身體驗在浪浪之家的義務工作,並學習及獲取關於日常工作的知識,包括日常維護和照顧狗狗等等。使參與者能夠深入瞭解我們的義工們定期所進行的工作。他們將有機會與狗狗互動,瞭解牠們各自的經歷,並了解為這些無家可歸的動物提供安全和愛的環境的重要性。 透過此計劃,參與者不僅可以瞭解到管理狗狗收容所的日常任務,還能夠深入瞭解適當的照顧、餵食和社交化對狗狗的福祉的重要性。活動將由經驗豐富的員工或資深義工引導參與者參與各種體驗工作,例如設施維護、餵食和遛狗等等。 《抱抱浪浪體驗日》不僅是一個具有教育意義的活動,也是一個充滿溫情的體驗,除能夠親身感受到大家的支持和關懷如何能夠改寫毛孩的生命外,也為社區無家毛孩的福祉做出貢獻並帶來增進人寵共融的影響力。 在這個充滿愛的日子中享受毛茸茸的擁抱、搖擺的尾巴和對於幫助無家可歸的狗狗們帶來改變的滿足感。讓我們攜手為這些可愛的毛孩打造一個更美好的未來。 Home For Homeless Dog's "Hug-a-Dog Experience Day" is a unique program designed to give participants a hands-on experience of volunteering at our site. During this special day, participants have the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge about our daily work, including the daily maintenance and care of the dogs.   The "Hug-a-Dog Experience Day" allows participants to get a taste of the rewarding and impactful work that our volunteers do on a regular basis. They will have the chance to interact with the dogs, learn about their individual stories, and understand the importance of providing a safe and loving environment for these homeless animals. Through this program, participants will not only learn about the day-to-day tasks involved in running a dog shelter, but also understand the significance of proper care, feeding, and socialization for the well-being of the dogs. Our experienced staff and volunteers will guide participants through various activities, such as site maintenance, feeding, and taking the dogs for walks.  The "Hug-a-Dog Experience Day" is not only educational but also a heartwarming experience, as participants witness firsthand the impact their support and care can have on these dogs' lives. It is an opportunity to make a difference and contribute to the welfare of homeless dogs in our community.  Join us for a memorable day filled with furry hugs, wagging tails, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a positive difference in the lives of homeless dogs. Together, let's create a brighter future for these loving animals. 只接受團體報名(最多25人); For organisation/ group appointment only (Max 25 pax); 活動於浪浪之家場地進行; Event will be held at Home For Homeless Dog; 最少2個月前預約 ; Booking at least 2 months in advance; 適合中學生或以上;未滿18歲必須有家長、監護人、社工或老師陪同; For Secondary students or above; aged under 18 should be accompanied by parent/ guardian/ teacher/ social worker; 浪浪之家並不接受中介人 /機構透過此活動從中獲取任何形式報酬; Home For Homeless Dog does not accept any agent/ agency to get any form of remuneration through this activity;


  • Tai Po, Hong Kong


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