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Mary (F;born at ~2019)

A small furry kid, entangled in an iron chain, covered in fleas, emaciated, and almost completely bald, was abandoned near the public toilets in Ping Che and Wo Hop Shek Village. Its ultimate fate should have been starving to death on the streets. However, fate had other plans for this poor little dog and brought it into the path of one angel after another...

One day, this little dog caught the attention of CC Mom. Not only did CC Mom provide it with food, give it the name "Mary," but she also actively contacted various shelters, hoping to find a safe haven for Mary. Finally, she reached out to the "Home for Homeless Dog." Mary was taken to an animal clinic and required hospitalization for treatment.

But kind-hearted people were not limited to just one. We are grateful to Aunt Connie, who didn't mind Mary's rotting wounds and foul odor, and took her in as a temporary foster, providing tender care for Mary when she was just discharged from the hospital. Mary finally experienced warmth and fullness (later taken over by April from the Home for Homeless Dog).

After a medical examination, it was found that Mary not only suffered from anemia and gastrointestinal issues but also had heartworm disease and follicular mange. Additionally, her anus was ruptured, causing her to bleed and cry in pain every time she defecated.

The road to Mary's recovery was long and costly. CC Mom not only donated funds but also initiated the "One Person, One Hundred to Save Mary" campaign. Through her active fundraising efforts, she received generous contributions from friends from all walks of life.

Mary's life was rewritten thanks to everyone's kindness and efforts.


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