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Man Zai (M , ~1yr old when rescued; suffered from a fractured pelvis, dislocated spinal bones, and other injuries)

In October 2022, in the area of Man Kam To, it is suspected that the dog, now known as "Man Zai," suffered a severe injury from being hit by a vehicle. In pain, he managed to crawl to a nearby warehouse and seek help from people. When volunteers from the "Stray Paws Alliance" arrived, they found him lying helpless in a corner of the warehouse, with his lower body covered in blood. The volunteers decided to rename him "Man Zai" and reached out to several veterinary clinics, but none were willing to provide treatment. After a medical examination, a doctor suggested euthanasia, but the volunteers expressed their unwillingness to give up on Man Zai. HFHD also stepped in to assist and took responsibility for Man Zai's medical care. Despite multiple clinics refusing to help, he was finally taken to the CityU Veterinary Medical Centre in the early hours of the following morning. The next day, he was transferred to the NPV non-profit veterinary clinic to undergo complex surgery. With the support and encouragement of kind-hearted individuals, who generously contributed to the expensive medical costs, Man Zai survived the critical period. During his hospitalization, he underwent four major surgeries. After one month, he was discharged and began his journey towards recovery, earning the nickname "The Strongest Warrior in the Universe."


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