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Hung Zai(M , ~5 months when rescued)

At the time, there was a puppy who was five months old and had been living in a parking lot. Despite multiple requests from volunteers to take him away, the owner refused to let go. Unfortunately, after a heartfelt plea to "take good care," we received devastating news that the puppy had suffered severe injuries for unknown reasons. The owner then abandoned him and stated that they would not provide any medical treatment.

HFHD immediately took on the responsibility of covering the medical expenses for this little life. Thanks to the generous donations from kind-hearted individuals, we continued to send blessings and encouragement to the dog. He spent a month in the hospital, remaining calm and winning the hearts of the doctors and nurses. His resilient and optimistic personality captivated a potential adopter, who fell in love with him at first sight and brought him home. 😃👍👏👏

The dog is now named Pepper and has a brother, Chocolate. Their loving mama takes them out every day, and Pepper, with his cheerful personality, has made many new friends. 🦮🐕‍🦺🐕

We would like to express our gratitude to the volunteers, feeding aunties, temporary caregivers, and all the friends who have helped this dog, especially Ms. Siu, who sought assistance. 💝

Thank you all for your collective efforts! We are committed to protecting and caring for these animals, never abandoning them and standing by their side. 💝💪🏻


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